Eternal Great Beginning and I`M POSSIBLE Workshop in Finland, June 19 - 23,2024 Info

Venue Adress

Youth Center Vasatokka

696 Angelintie, 99870 Inari, Finnland

This event takes place on site with overnight stay! Please contact us personally to express your interest in the event. email:

Arrival & Departure Times

you can arrive one day prior to the event and leave on the day after. For more Info about the overnight options please contact us via

Schedule - may vary on site

8:30 – 9:30 AM Breakfast

10 – 11 AM Big Circle – Facilitated by Jonathan Kay

11 AM – 1 PM Group Work (EGB Groups and Jonathan Kay Workshop Group)

1 PM – 2:30 PM Lunch Break

2:30 – 5 PM Group Work (EGB Groups and Jonathan Kay Workshop Group)

6 PM Dinner

7 – 9 PM Open Fooling – Big Circle


Cooking will be shared, meals are prepared on site by the participants. There will be an organized shopping group. More info prior to the event.

Overnight stay

We will reserve a spot in the vastokka youth hostel. For this and other possible options: please get in touch with us:


Jonathan Kay 5 Day Workshop “I´MPOSSIBLE” during the EGB (for people that are new to the work, or people who want to work with Jonathan Kay the full 5 days) 350€

Jonathan Kay 2 Day Workshop (JUNE 19&20) “I´MPOSSIBLE” 150€

Work with the Beginners Groups: only open to former NOA members: On a donation base. 

Accommodation:  5€ – 25€  per Night (please contact us for more details: academynomadic(at)

Food: 15 €/Day

Travel Info

This is set up by our local contact person. We will send you her email address when you let us know about your interest in the event.
From Jenni:
Our EGB place Vasatokka is about 10km from Inari village. There is no public transportation to the place so let us know when you are arriving in Inari so I can make arrangements to get all of you there. Or you can share a taxi from the village. 
To get to Inari here are the common choices:
The northernmost airport in Finland is in Ivalo, 50km south from Inari. If you fly there you can preorder a taxi to Inari village, it’s about 30€ per person, let me know and I will send you the info.  I can also try to arrange cheaper transportation if people arrive approximately at the same time and let me know in advance. Or you can share a taxi to Ivalo center (it’s also about 30€, but altogether, not per person) and get a bus to Inari from there. The buses don’t go per hour, more like every 3th hour and not at all after 9pm. Lots of people drive  between Inari and Ivalo daily so I can try to arrange rides or drive myself. 

If you arrive early to Inari I can offer accommodation of some sort depending how full my house is at the time. At least camping is possible. 

Or if you fly to Rovaniemi you can get a bus to Inari from there.
If you have the time and fly just to Helsinki you can take a train to Rovaniemi and from there a bus to Inari village. 
Here is the link for trains LINK

If you want a bus from Rovaniemi, remember to specify either “railway station” or “airport”. Sometimes there is only one bus a day that stops in the airport so check that before you plan the flight.

Also buss and possibly cheaper, from Helsinki or Rovaniemi and you can get to Ivalo LINK

You can also try your luck to get cheaper plane tickets from Norwegian Air, then you could fly to Kirkenes, Norway and find a bus to Inari from there. Or convince me to come and  get you from there and we share the costs. It’s a nice drive. 

If you are interested in traveling north through Sweden ask David. You can cross the border in Haparanda and I can try to figure out how to get you to Inari from there. There must be buses from there too. 


There is a telegram group to which we will invite you as soon as you have signed up!

Cant wait to see you there!