Come to the NOA next Audition to join the full annual training in 2020_21!

Next NOA Audition:
May 30 – 31, 2020
Frome, U.K.
2 days!
10 am – 5pm

What Happens at the NOA Audition?

You will meet others in a big space at 10 in the morning. You must bring with you an offer/ idea / stories / holidays you have been on. Be prepared to show some of what you want to give, from your heart or head! What do you have taken / given from / to  life…? What’s a comedy to you? What´s a tragedy for you / for everyone in your life? Can you say that in front of others?

What do you want to do? How do you want to achieve your desires? What are they? All of this takes place in a circle… You need to have courage to speak of yourself straight from the heart. To get up and speak with others. To dance, to speak out for yourself… Show willingness to participate with people / with life …When you are shy, what pulls you through the ups and downs of life? Who has lived / loved / is living? Who has lied / been a mask / is an inadequate? It’s finding an understanding about what is a compassion of yours.

Are you ruthless?How are you going to show something of what you are / want? Where / what does your dream try to fulfill? At home? In a group? In a wider world? All these things, that are there for/with you to bring to life. Who is it that you want to be that wants to acquaint in you with Fool / a Fool / the Fool, and wants to understand this dance / plod of life? This takes place in a circle. Perhaps two circles. One inside the other.

Lunch. Then back. Do you still want to stay? Stay and you will find and ask your questions. After that… More.