The Eternal Great Beginning March 30 - April 3 2022 (ONLINE)

This invitation is dedicated to YOU!


#Working hours: Daily from 10am - 4pm CET / 9am - 3pm London time.

#Location: In your living room. Online via Zoom

#Morning introduction to Fooling work with Jonathan Kay

#Intensive group work led by people who have connected intensively with the Fooling work

WHAT`S THE EGB? The "Eternal Great Beginning" EGB is now the place where the work of NOA becomes public. It is a festive gathering that takes place 4 times a year around the equinoxes and solstices. The EGB celebrates the Fool, the ability to live in the moment and from the heart and share this with others.

WHO`S AT THE EGB? All continuously working groups of the NOA are present. Guests are invited. People who are involved in the NOA at the moment or from previous times will offer workshops at the EGB. On the first day of the EGB, it will be decided which workshops will take place.

Have you worked with Jonathan Kay – or have you even been part of the continuously working groups at some point in the past? Have you ever thought that it would be nice to meet up with some of the Fools again, to recharge your batteries, and once again meet with people in the same internal space as you? 

Do you ever ask yourself what any of the others which you shared the challenges and joys of this Fooling work are doing with their lives at the moment?

Maybe you are a bit curious about what is actually going on at the moment with Jonathan Kay, The Nomadic Academy and the Fools? 

Perhaps you are too shy? Or maybe just too busy to sit up and take a look?

It could also be the other way round. You have already developed yourself, created something of your own out of the work, and thus feel that there is no place for you there anymore?

There is a place there and it exists for you!

It’s called “The Eternal Great Beginning”. 

The EGB will take place four times a year, every year – always around the solstices and equinoxes. Hopefully in different places around the world – but momentarily, it will be online. Regardless of what is going on in the world right now, whether we are in lockdown or free to roam, we have found a way to meet each other.

And you are cordially invited! It doesn’t matter if you are shy – every person that joins is shy too. Let’s push aside the rocks that we have hidden our hearts behind.

Let’s burst open the lid from within the box we live and have hidden our Fool. Let us give each other what we have to give. Each at our own pace, together, at peace, excited, and crazy.

Sending you all lots of Foolish love! 

Testimonials  From The Last EGB´s 

“I hoped it’ll never stop. And it is like that!  We’ll meet again and we’ll play again and we’ll begin again. All of the groups of NOA meet four times a year (…) Every morning, in the beginning, we saw about 35 people and then went to our virtual rooms.”
(Julia B., gardener/teacher at elementary school)

“This was a truly wonder-fool experience; a group of strangers embarking on an unknown journey of the inner, outer and archetypal worlds as soul searchers and fools. As writers and performers; players playing with inner sense, joy, light, and being. Travelers in space and time in between worlds bridging the gap with understanding, support, and love.” 
(Mark Mitchell, artist)

“I like the support for Foolcilitators to share their offers and try stuff out, and I could imagine offering something myself to do with singing and song one day – when we can work in person again.” 
(Helen Terrett, musician)

“Over the past week, I have been reflecting on it a lot and feeling how powerful and cathartic it was for me. (…) I feel that being given the choice to choose the right facilitator at the right time is so brilliant because there will be points in this foolish learning journey we are all on where this autonomy and intuition together feels vital for increasing confidence and encouraging more of the fool out. It’s something I feel strongly about in my own teaching work too-the development of confidence around creative, autonomous intuition.” 
(Lexi Strauss, fine artist)

“I really loved the whole project. I liked the structure of Jonathan bringing everyone together at the start of the day, and then the passing over to, and trusting in the Foolcilitators, while he still held us in his room in the room in the room. I think it’s a really exciting structure. The Foolcilitators all seemed to offer a very different space for the beginners that allowed diverse passions and instincts and needs to be expressed and to find a temporary, ephemeral or perhaps an eternally-returning home, but it felt safely anchored in Jonathan’s work and the structure.”
(Jared Kane, theatre worker)

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