By joining the NOA, you will probably make one of the most profound and wonderful experiences in your life. You will become part of an amazing community and will learn to understand yourself and others in an integral way. You will develop your creativity and your social skills and find out more about who you truly are.

This work stretches past ego, allowing you to feel at ease in any situation and comfortable talking intimately with anyone in the audience, be they a beggar, king or queen. As a performer you slowly learn to play within this architecture, which Jonathan Kay calls “the Structure”. As you also learn about the atmosphere available in each part of the stage, you allow yourself to be influenced, and in doing so you as the performer surrenders to that experience to create whatever kind of ‘stage’ you are performing in, be it the street, in a church, theatre or in a living-room. The Structure is developed through the workshops. It is a way of moving through the stage area and meeting the unknown with a relaxed attitude.


If you have done a workshop with Jonathan Kay already, you can sign up to the NOA audition. Please find more info about this HERE

Your Questions

How will my schedule look like? How much does it cost? How can I apply? What else is crucial in case I will join on of the continually working groups? You will find answers to most of these questions by clicking one of the following buttons. If you need speak or write to someone directly, please contact us. You find contact details in the footer of this website!


As Guest you are welcome to join our Eternal Great Beginnings or in short EGB´s. In order to do so, you should have been introduced to the Work by Jonathan Kay.

Jonathan Kay holds online fooling workshops, some rare live workshops, mostly during the EGB´s  and solo sessios. To find out more, please visit Jonathan Kay´s website: