“Come turn your forgotten Fool, slumbering in your inner worlds, with no present recognition. Connect to your source, your sauce, your truth, your author, your playful twin! It is discovered in theatre straddling from Shakespeare’s love to a banana skin… Be a Fool. Be at ease. Improvise. Stand fearless. Begin truth. Make worlds connect! Begin and triumph over the mediocre. Create worlds only you can imagine! Give action to them in the Fools theatre worlds. You’re a Fool. Know it, deep down, you’ve been rumbled. Now come out to play and enjoy yourself. Turn the world you know to a new world where your real world is infected with your Fool. Be true to yourself. Connect to those other actors on the worlds stage come and begin.” 
(Jonathan Kay)

By joining the NOA, you will probably make one of the most profound and wonderful experiences in your life. You will become part of an amazing community and will learn to understand yourself and others in an integral way. You will develop your creativity and your social skills and get to know who you truly are.


If you have done a workshop with Jonathan Kay already, you can sign up to the NOA audition. Please find more info about this HERE

A Note on Covid 19 and how it affects the NOA

The NOA year 2019_20 was a very difficult year, as we were strongly affected by the corona crisis. Though – from Facilitators to Beginners – it is the strong wish of everyone to keep the momentum. This is why we’ve decided to look at the upcoming year as an interval to enter new territories, where we develop new formats that will in some way or other become a continuous part of the NOA in the future anyway. The good thing for you is, that this makes joining the NOA much more affordable and easier to manage. Also we have a number of new exciting events that will take place in the upcoming year. Please have a look at our Schedule. HERE


In the upcoming NOA year 2020_21 there will be some rare but exciting events that are open to the public, such as the festival in may 2021 and five day facilitator workshops in october 2020 and january 2021. Booking information and tickets will be published here soon.

Jonathan Kay will deliver online fooling workshops and solo sessions in 2020_21. To find out more, please visit Jonathan Kay´s website: