The Structure

By Jonathan Kay, 21st Century Fool

The structure of NOA completes a circular cycle each time it is travelled. It’s a structure in which the more you become aquatinted with it and travel within it, then the more you see. You start to grasp that it’s not a static understanding, or fixed in an intellectual building block sense. You will start to see it more like the weather, which moves across the planet always structurally going from left to right across the World. This doesn’t mean it can’t reverse and go the other way, but predominantly it moves from left to right. As we know, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. As the year goes round the sun also appears to move with the equinoxes and seasons, and so what also appears to be relatively straight forward, as you become accustomed to its study, you begin to understand that there are many factors involved affecting numerous outcomes.

When understanding the structure there is day and night. In the widest or unblinkered sense, the sun does not rise and set, but is fairly constant in the centre of our planetary system. It also travels in the galaxy, which itself  is turning, taking many years to make one rotation. All of this does not come back to same place, it’s always moving, always subject to speed and inertia! So when you are observing and trying to fix or hold still, while you try to ‘take in’ why a flower grows and why it’s head follows the sun, along with the conditions of the weather, seasons and many other intellectual ramifications….  all the while there is a beautiful flower growing, rising, and being pollinated. For every closer look at any individual part of the structural system, there are countless other things happening to support this one part.

Most live and can dismiss all of this. They can disband it intellectually. Others can say ‘let’s just move and dance and play’ and be part of a play, and this is the great play that our galaxy dances with all the other galaxies, and all of that is the universe.

 Meanwhile, there is work or living and dying to be done. Spiritual development. The point? To realise (real eyes) is to know that you exist in breath, in this moment, to be in this. To perceive it as somehow separate from you, and learn the structure like an article of clothing which you put on and take off ! (its a good start / beginning) Although it’s possible to feel you can do this as you perceive this with your thinking, without this clothing you have already learnt well. Learnt to speak, to walk, to breath, to communicate in a most brilliant way. You have recognised, and have learnt at school and through your upbringing.

Through knocks and bangs, abuse and compassion. Through a reckless heart opening and closing, fear has groomed and has stultified the laughs, joyful days, minutes, hours, years and seconds. All are already here, and at the age you have reached, you’ve had all these, along with your own ups and downs. This structure has all of this within it! The same as a living twin to all you know, all you have been and all you are now.

So why understand this structure?

The is no difference except in one thing;

You have not been running it consciously, not been fully aware to start turning to see what has been actually running you. You must begin to see into a place where you start to create, and see how you can marry the things that have been running you, into a relationship which begins to recognise these things as the conflicts which have been running you. And by beginning to notice it’s a partner ship, an understanding of that which you thought as ‘conflict’ is in fact more a looking, seeing and being and flying in. And at a point of defensiveness you can see the only constant conflict with yourself and the world, while on the earth there is little attention to the ‘I am’. It’s this ‘I am’ which is a self possession. A will and an understanding which is a support. “I am “ is! What’s  the relation ship of “I am “ with all it’s created and create a possibility.

It’s boils down to the fact that you create  “I Am”. When you don’t you are in fact created, and it can be a spiritual vacuum which does not exist. But this effect in the self  can result in you feeling cadged, feeling like everything is created around you, and you merely live in that creation! It seems actually that it is “so” and if and when it is “so”! But responsibly for the world and how you observe it, when you start to feel run by it, it’s a huge immovable thought. So, begin to see that you created all if not everything around you and in your selfish world. That you are the centre of a circle which has no circumference.

OK! So we are all centres of circles that have no circumference! That’s a lot of no circumferences living side by side. Bashing and crashing into each other, a lot of the unseen crashing into a lot of the seen. We are trying to live in a world where personal obsession reigns! Misunderstanding, shoving, banging into everyone else! Self obsession and conflicts are rife all over the world as we clearly can see. And so too, this can be how we individually observe our lives. We inevitably then begin to feel cut off from ourselves, from other people and even from within our communities. The upshot is that we feel the loneliness of our in(ner)divi(ne)dual, our inner divine jewel, our individual (individual), with its many facets mostly turned away from our own idea of ourselves.

“I am” is a free wonder. It attaches itself without awareness to judgements to which “I am “ can become unwittingly cornered or concurred  with. Conquered, blinded, subjugated, punished, stuck etc. These subjugations are created and are handed out and can be forced or cajoled into believing. This can be as a result of being created, and living under persecution. The structure that the NOA promotes is no different except in one thing…. Under its atmosphere of understanding and compassion for our lives, there is little or no place on the Earth’s surface to run a structure that allows us to see how we create and be created.  Both that we subjugate and become subjugated, that we judge, that we speculate, that we commentate that we can give up and give in. Where can we safely have the heart we need to fire with our love, like kisses landing on our co-inhabitants. Where can we can create and be created with both our freedoms.

The structure echoes, reverberates and enhances our understanding of all our lives. Not by changing anything, not by making a new creed or philosophy, but by noticing in all things that we are present and can be present in our own knowing. To notice these things is change enough! Whether we repeat and repeat our ignorance depends on whether we notice and comprehend what we doing. In order to notice how we are affected and affect, we must slowly unbend our judgement and see how these same judgements can lift us into a not-ice-abel World.

Answer to the question “ I would like to unleash my inner fool”

Stop taking life seriously and laugh every  day. 

What a wonder full request of yourself to laugh every day. 

Just begin like this…  Take yourself outside in the wilds and laugh at yourself. Yes, laugh! 

Start in small ways. Smile, look at what you’re trying to keep sacred and uphold with such dedication and seriousness. Then laugh. Laugh and keep laughing. Start off with hollow laughter, leading to chuckles that sound like mountain streams. Get hold of something you hold dear and dance around it! This has to be done with accomplishment and joy, with hidden disrespect for your satisfied sanctimonious self that has kept everything so dry and boring in your life and has stopped you from laughing. You been a dictator, a petty tyrant.

Now relax and shout, give the finger to yourself in the mirror… It’s been too long!

When you feel an ache of something deep in you, a disgust at the mere principal of laughter and eventually even feeling within yourself there is no hope for you, then except to accept that you have kept the dearest most joyful of yourself in – prisoned, because of your jealousy and hatred of anything as frivolous and as joyful as your laughter… Laugh you spoilt chipmunk, take yourself in hand, take off your clothes, leap about the bedroom, and the lounge with the curtains open.



Laughing all the while… Stopping to rest, then again and again.

It’s not penance, it’s freedom of expression. You’re caring too much about your life, your depression.

It’s all fake so just throw it off and begin to Fool with lightness and start being true to yourself.

This is your offer to laugh every day. Look forward to doing this with at first a kind of secrecy, but then, building up to start encouraging others around you to do the same.  You’ll see the virtue of the Fool, when you are doing it. Too much effort and strictness – is not the Fool. Improvise it. Just begin and stop procrastinating. xxx