The Fool is an elusive part of self / an influence in the silent spaces between words / to see where assumptions of the inner worlds can enforce taboos and inhibit your trust in self / to turn fear into a positive direction of travel / to know I AM is A Fool: invisible to touch as to taste / that harbours in the wind / in the trees and waves of the crashing ocean / to respect self / to trust the invisible /to see that assumptions are not the same as knowing / to open doors that were not locked except by prejudice and the lack of proceeding / to know oneself and our place in the universe that greets you to know yourself / to jump the bounds within your self prestige / to travel beyond those self styled boundaries / opening the understanding from the confines of previous judgements, created by society, family, conventions / taught and groomed / to create yourself a-knew / to use real eyes / then realize 

Jonathan Kay


Fooling is a unique technique that introduces you to the architecture of your own personal inner stage, upon which you are able to perform on or in any space, and at any time, using just improvisation and your own imagination. 

This work stretches past ego, allowing you to feel at ease in any situation and comfortable talking intimately with anyone in the audience, be they a beggar, king or queen. As a performer you slowly learn to play within this architecture, which Jonathan Kay calls “the Structure”. As you also learn about the atmosphere available in each part of the stage, you allow yourself to be influenced, and in doing so you as the performer surrenders to that experience to create whatever kind of ‘stage’ you are performing in, be it the street, in a church, theatre or in a living-room. The Structure is developed through the workshops. It is a way of moving through the stage area and meeting the unknown with a relaxed attitude.


Every year in September the NOA starts with a new group who join the full cycle of the NOA as a continuously working group.  

This group is called the Beginners. To apply for this, you must sign up for the next NOA audition. You should have joined at least one workshop with Jonathan Kay. Find out about the schedule for the annual training 


Come turn your forgotten Fool

slumbering in your inner worlds, with no present recognition. Connect to your source, your sauce, your truth, your author, your playful twin! It is discovered in theatre straddling from Shakespeare’s love to a banana skin… Be a Fool. Be at ease. Improvise. Stand fearless. Begin truth. Make worlds connect! Begin and triumph over the mediocre. Create worlds only you can imagine! Give action to them in the Fools theatre worlds. You’re a Fool. Know it, deep down, you’ve been rumbled. Now come out to play and enjoy yourself. Turn the world you know to a new world where your real world is infected with your Fool. Be true to yourself. Connect to those other actors on the worlds stage come and begin.

Create or be created


“What I feel is that I found new ways to look at and see myself and my depths and the world around me, new ways to make friends with them both. Found my self stretching the limits of my trust to others and found caring friends. I found some of the things which lie behind my fears and that made me feel more free and rich, open and involved. There was a lot of honesty and acceptance and love. I hope that’s something I can share with people no matter where I go. I would most definitely love to learn, experience and share more with the academy. I don´t want to escape to solitude any more, I want to expose myself with others.”

(Jenni Johanna Parviainen)


Above all You are welcome!