Photo and film recordings:

The NOA will present your activities on our website and in various other media, such as newspapers, brochures, etc. For this purpose, we would like to use pictures from the work in which you may be included. For legal reasons (Right to own picture) this is only possible with your consent. We therefore kindly ask you to agree to the required declaration of consent.
To authorize the Nomadic Academy For Fools (NOA) as part of the charity Attic Theatre Ltd. (Registered Charity Number 267327) to create photos and film recordings which may include you and to publish the recordings unlimited in time and space in print media and audiovisual media, please return to the booking and agree by clicking on the relevant field.

This the consent applies only to photo and film publications related to events, newspaper articles, reports, and publications of the Nomadic Academy for Fools. The recordings may not be used commercially and may only be published in connection with the Nomadic Academy for Fools.