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* If you want to offer a workshop, you will receive further information from us on how you can do this. Please note that you can only hold a workshop if at least four people decide to take part. So we can't promise you yet whether your workshop will take place. If not, you can simply take part in the working groups held by others.
You join the Beginners Groups Workshops is on a donation basis. We ask you to donate at least 50€ to the NOA Funding Pot. It is used to reimburse participation fees for members who are currently unable to afford the full NOA fee. Also, it can be used for other activities that go beyond the annual schedule, such as rehearsals for performance projects etc. The group that has been in the NOA the longest decides how the money is distributed. We will inform you after your registration how you can make your donation.
The EGBs, if residential, are usually located in rooms that also allow overnight stays. Depending on the country and possibilities, the accommodation prices arearound 15€ per night. If you need more privacy, you should look for an Airbnb etc. in the vicinity of the event.