‘Tableaux, Blob & Twin’: A tableaux is the movement of the performers to form a picture on onstage, whether static or moving. ‘Blobbing’ is a way of moving together as one organism, learning to listen to yourself, to each other and to the space.


This is a traditional place where you will meet your twin, where you will be witnessed in a circle play, and in meeting your twin you start the relationship with the invisible world of the Fool.

I have not gone into everything but the way is open, and I hope you real-eyes that you know all of this anyway. Normally we are ‘run by it’, but it is possible, without changing, to begin to notice where you are inflexible and where you are becoming fixable and flexible.

There is a lot of W.o.R.k. to be done, first creating the structure in thought, and then breaking into being it, combining all that you know with what you don’t know. As you understand and support the structure, many things can happen.

This is the beginnings of The Fools Academy. I hope you feel that there is a place waiting for you to fill it.

Everything is open and you can make and create it, fit in to part of it or to the whole. Please come knowing a little of what you want to be.

This is a de-grooming; a skating free of being ‘run’ by everything into a ‘see how it happens’; to take a turn at being the different levels in your relation ships – being detected by the stars is an imperative attribute to making landfall.