Curator and artistic director for Frome’s Day of The Fool. Trained and performed with Theatre of Now (Jonathan Kay’s Company formed for Romeo and Juliet touring project, pre-Nomadic Academy for Fools) and the Festival of Fools Theatre Company born out of a work with Jonathan Kay on Shakespeares “Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “The Tempest”. Established own theatre practice under the name TheatreSpace, to perform in solo and collaborative projects up to present Day. Won The Guardian National ‘Silent Shakespeare’ prize.

The body of the actor leads the way…

physical exercises and practice, to see how a performer can use movement and voice to transit through the structure. The body as vessel for the imaginative narrator to traverse from 1 to 4 and back again. Body-led. Teasing control away from conscious knowing, in order to inhabit the dream…  (while letting Mind support in the right way).

The ensemble as Body…

Chorus practice, moving and speaking together (often in inner conflict but still as one body) from different places in the structure. Shoaling and shape shifting. Landscapes and elements.

Where do I end and I begin?

The dynamic of individual and group, stepping in and stepping out of the Whole body to interact with it (letting the audience identify with the individual). Again, tangible theatre exercises and games to practice that movement. Led by physicality and emotion.

Also … seeing the audience as an extension of the Body of the Play (the audience aspect).