Jolie Booth is a cutting edge artist and theatre producer with a passion for making creative and innovative work in a wide variety of mediums. She has a wide range of interests that cover all aspects of the creative industry from event management, producing and consultancy, to performing, directing, designing and writing; with her company, Kriya Arts, securing highly respected industry contracts early on, including six years with world famous fool Jonathan Kay and three years with annual street arts festival the Streets of Brighton. Jolie Booth is a dream weaver. Kriya (in Sanskrit “action, deed, effort”) most commonly refers to a “completed action”. It is the moment of transformation when a pattern of negative Karma is broken.

I create safe spaces within which audiences can relax, open up and explore. My work is extra-live, which means that the usual rules of theatre etiquette do not apply and therefore anything can happen. In the background to my practice, I’m interested in the history of performance… From our earliest forefather’s attempts at explaining how they’d survived death by performing elaborate ceremonies, to the power of show business today. I’m exploring how theatre can be used as an act of subversion, healing and discussion. I’m continually delighting in its inherent magic, the act of creation being the most magical act of all. But the forefront of my practice comes with a mainstream face. I work with cutting edge mediums, performance artists, designers and producers so that the interface with the audience is edgy and enticing. I’m interested in how theatre can be used as a tool for change. Theatre allows for a safe and sacred space within which issues can be discussed without fear of retribution. But to get people there in the first place the work needs to be accessible and inclusive. It needs to look like fun. The face of my practice has taken many guises, but behind the mask, my practice is always about working with the audience to challenge and crack open our preconceptions (especially my own). The question mark is my crucifix.