“Most of all I loved how this work relentlessly compelled me to connect with my heart and my truth.” (Participant feedback)

The NOA was founded by Jonathan Kay, 21st century Fool, as an arch for the survival of the inner worlds, promoting the growth of 21st century Fools.

The NOA is a place where you can be a Fool, a true and ultimate Beginner on stage. No performance experience is needed for this. You just need to feel that its time to really connect with yourself and others.

“Jonathan Kay has a magical ability to create an atmosphere where complete strangers work on themselves very openly while supporting each other. “(Participant feedback)

You can join the NOA as a guest in one of the open workshops for a weekend, a week or 10 days – facilitated by Jonathan Kay.

When you have been to one or more workshops and want to become a real Fooling-Performer on stage, you can join the NOA as part of a continuously working group called BEGINNERS. Beginners are traveling to all NOA stations around Europe for a year – and longer. 

“I went in no knowing much. And left very inspired and excited about future performances.” 

“Challenging. Confrontational. Hilarious. Provided moments of deep healing.”

(Performance Audience Feedback)

But what is it all about?