Jonathan Kay and senior Fools of The Nomadic Academy offer regular workshops with The Fool all over the UK and beyond.

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Having spent over 30 years developing  and teaching ‘The Structure’, Jonathan is an adept master at this work. He will cajole, caress  and crack open The Fool residing deep within within all of us!

“Jonathan is one of the very best teachers I’ve worked with. What I learn with him causes me to change in ways I didn’t know I needed to, and breaks down the barrier between “me” and “life” so that I have frequent access to the ecstatic experience of disappearing completely into a blissful oneness with everything. It’s not overtly a spiritual workshop , but it has that effect on me.”

The structure provides tools and a direct means of opening to these transformative qualities that The Fool can offer us.

Workshops with Jonathan cover all aspects of The Structure and bestow you with the means to Look, See, Be, Fly. You will also learn the Stagecraft of the Fool how to enter the realm of The Archetypal and the universality of our sacred, scared and scarred selves.

Currently the workshops take the form of a weekend introduction/refresher and a 5-day Intensive which deepens into different aspects of the struture.

The workshops also offer a gateway to joining The Academy and walking the path of The Fool.

You can view the latest dates and book workshops direct here.