The Academy

The Nomadic Academy for Fools offers an experiential immersion into Living Foolishly.

You might think about The Academy as a place; the support; a catalyst; the very ground from which to leap Foolishly from the precipice of all that holds you back from living life with a foolishly open heart and mind.

The Academy is open to those that have had some experience of workshops with Jonathan Kay or senior Fools of the academy, it offers a deeper dive into the world of the Fool and the opportunity to build Foolish bridges in the world.

Each year in December there is the opportunity of an Eternal Great Beginning, this is a day to join with the other Fools, both old and new and dedicate oneself (ones fool) to a year of living Foolishly with the Academy.  For those beginning this journey for the first time, it entailsIs bringing your Foolish self in some way through an informal audition. You will be fully supported in this. If accepted into The Academy, you will attend a programme of workshops throughout the year.

The workshops are held by Jonathan Kay and other senior members of The Academy in various locations in the Uk and occasionally  further afield.

Workshops with Jonathan cover all aspects of The Structure and bestow you with the means to Look, See, Be, Fly. You will also learn the Stagecraft of the Fool how to enter the realm of The Archetypal and the universality of our sacred, scared and scarred selves.

Workshops with other Fools will be varied and more experiential. You may find yourself taking a Foolish walk  across the country, helping to run a festival or building a house. The invitation is to  open to, and build Foolish community.

As a new member of The Academy you are invited to bring forth your Fool with it’s twin aspects in equal measure. There will be time to dream, to PLAY,  to create, vision and leap into the unknown. There will also be an invitation to collaborate well and co-create The Academy through practical means.

The Academy and workshops have come out of improvisational theatre, but the work of a Fool lies beyond the confines of the physical stage. Whilst performers can make use of the structure in the theatre, it’s only by opening up to the wider implications of  this play of life, with the world as stage, that we can truly free our inner Fool. There is the recognition that we are all sacred, scarred and scared. For this we invite not only performers but those from ALL walks of life to join with The Academy. Only by giving up everything you are, entering into a space of improvisation, free of your own crushing judgment, and becoming or doing something else can you truly walk the path and inherent freedom of The Fool.