NOA 3 & 5


Meet yourself in your secret, sacred, scared and scarred places. Psst.


‘Playing in the Archetypal World’ lets you enter an added dimension that has been lost to traditional theatre, but which is used to great effect in improvisation because it develops and gives depth to the unfolding play.


To hold space and time is to capitulate to “give up” to “give in” in 3 to begin to look. see. be. fly.
This “create” when you have been created in
Your whole world has been laid out that you must learn its customs its
Prejudices. Accept the status, the language, the
Hospitality ,the costumes .
To study ,to be accepted, by a class, a group , a race,  a colour,  All created.

To create is to question. To begin be aware of a counter balanced place in-visible.

Study different examples, modes of looking at life ,to look. To not just accept the way you have been taught, but to see the intricate makeup of such costumes and customs living in the world.

Be big selfish that the world and all that is in it is you in all your manifestations
It’s move be moved and be moving …move then to be inhabit the big selfish world. because it’s you ! To move them to open them to new places
To look. To see. To observe notice your motives not to change to swop them to flop them flip them so as to insure them but to notice them at work seeing how they influence your thoughts and actions this will be change enough and this naturally changes the perspectives it’s. The ”I am“ becomes more real eyes – Be what you see,and fly with it, let it show you yourself ….
This is 3/. 5 has more actual real eyesation of the situation in a play the entrance from 4-to5 you are appearing more knowledgable like a return travel has pick up experiences and is more self assured of there place in a particular” a play” entering as a member of the repertory
Company that you are creating in your travels in the structure in your understanding and support of the structure many thing happen
What appears easey is that which is you not trying to get things right !
To be in five is a relaxed
Life filling action your letting your relationship with your twin (the inner world depth of self the action is coming from the secret sacred scared and scarred world not inhibited and split but working together it’s the experience of the Fool 
Working from the invisible world of timelessness with the timed world we must observe and respect this combination this working together in the world .
It’s depth of seeing and looking to what ever
Impact you are able to hold it’s a intuitive place
Before thought
Working in 5 leads to opening into 6 and 7 then beginning again the working in a the blob working in repertory company begins
In i this place to work
Building intuition arround those who you are working with…