Amanda Rosamund and Sophia learned their fundamental foolish skills with JKay in Theatre of Now 2002/3. They have worked together ever since developing their skills of creating a safe and welcoming space for the interface of ordinary reality and the deep magic of play. They also have experience, between them,  of Process Work, Physical Theatre, Butoh, Dance of Awareness, Noh Theatre and Body-Soul. Experienced, or first -time foolers, would be guided to go deeper into their authentic inner worlds to find more of what they need.

ROSAMUND:  Once, while out walking, I saw 3 foxcubs. They were aware of me, knowing I was no threat & their trust gave me the exquisite privilege of witnessing their play. It is this that I would offer: a passionate commitment to creating & holding a space where nature, in its human form, can remember the essential wisdom of play (“fooling “).

AMANDA:  In the play I find myself standing in deep space amongst the stars. I am everything. I can sense the heartbeat like a drum through the universe speaking to souls across time. Come play, come dance.

SOPHIA: She has great great humour and sensitivity, vulnerability and great great heart. Her play of the tapestry of humanity will make you laugh and cry as it it is lit with love. She is just who you would want to be there.