The NOA has no building. Is not a fortress. No financial overheads.
Is not anywhere physical on the earths surface.
But can be established on whim from the heart anywhere.
It’s structure being sturdy and life-giving, its a magnetic pull to joy.

The NOA´s realization to each and all is that walls, rooms, bridges and boundaries lead us to ourselves. Once we see what lies at the Center of our circle that has no circumference. Giving in to the eternal great beginning! It supports new beginnings, making us tremble sometimes at their great prospects. Lives are a dance, with all around us. Those who we celebrate our lives together with on earth.

The NOA is an invisible college, whose pupils are in our own eyes.
It’s a place we begin to look, see, be, fly and begin to heal our own secret, sacred, scared and scarred selves. Giving into the heart which we realise all of the world belongs.  It works to establish itself anywhere, where there are those who want to join in and begin to create and know ones Fool.