My Five Days Alone with Jonathan Kay

Nick had done a few workshops with Jonathan but wanted to spend some  intensive time focusing on specific issues around his he describes something of his experience…

I have no idea what I am going to write now but I’m going to step off the edge and start writing… that’s a bit of what its like in a Jonathan Kay workshop, going in, over the edge of what you know and seeing what happens…


I think that I am one of the few people on the planet who has had the privilege and honour of doing a Jonathan Kay workshop as the only participant. I had previously done a weekend workshop and two five-day workshops with Jonathan, where there had been between 4 and 12 participants. This time I’d decided to dive-in alone..

The 5 days was intense and gruelling. I learnt so much about my inner world, being influenced by archetypal forces and how to use Jonathan’s structure. For the first half of the week I was pretty stuck. Jonathan was delightful and patient with me, funny, insightful, perceptive, sensitive and pushing and poking me in just the right places to encourage me to let go and play more to express my inner world while being sensitive to influences from the archetypal world.


Working 1-1 with Jonathan enabled him to give his full attention to just my process and what was needed there, whereas in a workshop with others its more of a melting pot. It means that the learning is tailored, faster, more intense and there is nowhere to hide! It ranged from intensely personal to being totally relevant to my professional work and development, and was more valuable than any kind of pre-packaged course I have been on as it was so tailored to what I needed. If you want to make some rapid accelerations in your personal life, relationships and career or professional life, then I would recommend working 1-1 with Jonathan as the most effective way to do any of these things that I have found in the 25 years that I’ve been attending various workshops. There is simply no comparison.

I learnt so much in that week that it’s hard to put it into words in such a short piece here. I would thoroughly recommend doing workshops with Jonathan, and the value I received from the 5-days was so much more than the money I paid for it. Jonathan claims, with a twinkle in his eyes, that I will double the money I earn from working with him. I have a hunch that he may be right and if this happens, I’ll be sending a cheque his way! I am eternally grateful for Jonathan’s work and what we did together during that week…

Thank You to Nick Osborne for sharing his experience.