If you would like to join the NOA for one year, please contact us and sign up for one of the auditions.

How NOA works….

The NOA will come together 6 times a year for a two week period in 6 different cities throughout Europe. The first week will be taught by Jonathan Kay, and the second week will be taught by a performer that has already trained extensively with Jonathan. Each training period of two weeks will be concluded by a performance at a local venue, which could be a school or a university, or a political or a contemporary space – or also perhaps a theatre. The performance will be organised with our support and promoted by the students themselves. People in the NOA will be working closely with each other and with us to enable Fooling, as taught by Jonathan Kay, to come into the world.

The Nomadic Academy for Fools is the chance to explore in depth what it means to work with your inner Fool and infect your whole life with its presence.

How you participate

Apart from being fully engaged with NOA by practicing and performing, NOA students will contribute ‘in kind’ by organising and promoting workshops & performances. Each student will be responsible for one location. In this way the students not only explore their artistic and intuitive selves, but also their organisational skills, which is the other side of the coin. When you are moving forward in your inner and outer life you have to deal with both sides.

For more info please CONTACT US

This cooperative work turns the NOA into a perpetual space: people that join the NOA for a workshop will be invited to travel as part of the NOA in the following year and can, in the long run, become facilitators in the NOA.