NOA 2 and 6

 ‘Look-See–Be-Fly’ allows you to work directly with the emotional landscape which we all have within us to discover. Through short scenarios, how to use the Stage area to weave a performance.

Six is the influence on the crowd, the audience. To read its mind. To know the truths, hidden in the audiences mind. Truths, as varied as their numbers.


TWO Is a moment where
Taking courage and openness you/I begin to
Reveal by standing out
By being focused on moving out to begin
By impulse this new beginning I have begun before it’s not an historical by familiar actions that we begin again to make mistakes
In our innocence .Comprehending mistakes
Is a mistake yet learning ?Our hopes that we don’t make the same mistakes! or conform in some way to be accepted with our mistakes That we will inevitably make jumps into the unknown
in TWO there’s a lot of self judgement displaced into an audience that are all the reasons I would not make this move into 2 since I will show my colours I will be judged and the mistake of beginning anything will encourage me to feel I have made the mistake of moving Into TWO I will release hidden thoughts they flood from my own damed up feelings that have been dealt with by suppression to myself they begin to come out in the audience
Yet I have SIX as well in this place
Six is the influence on the crowd the audience to read its mind to know that truths hidden in the audiences mind is a varied as their numbers
To speak as one mind the twin ship as audience
That travelling from the inner world six is the balance 2 is approaching the inner world 6 is the twin-ship To the outer world the twins stand in conflict 2 is uncertain of the anything,believes myths without knowing there source,The inner world is timeless it exists
To the outer world as historical as archetypal as dark and hidden
In 6 these myths can be realised as play a play The play. They exist as a firm reality in the embrace of time and timeless ness there can be recognition that archetypal worlds can speak with an audience
Diffused in the structure
And as a traveler from distant world can bring truth to the audience
As long as it’s maintained in the structure it’s the conflicts and lives that make this possible
6 is the transformed Fool
The one speaking the truth of Love
2 has still to trust the unity of the twin-ship and is reluctant to even
Persuade themselves that such a inner world or side can be create, that is instantaneous is the mind before thought .
With its possibility of create before it is created .
This is some of what 2/6 are about ,
There is much about 2 that is our everyday life of circumstances which the audience recognises As the everyday the judge mental the scandals the hidden voices preaching
Inner judgements
And speculation these to work in union with each other they cause temporary truths that suits changes. The commentary and demo station is the way we do all our actions that are created groomed and taught
Capitulating is to be able to “give up”and “give in”to The inner world where create exists timelessly .
This interface is a huge place in our contemporary struggle
Where judgment easily under mines personal confidence which in 2 is suffered and in 6 is run and handled tamed and
Is boundless to teach well into the mind of space
These conflict between 2/6 are amazing interconnected attachments to the world of the structure
These are some of the
Surfaces of these places in the structure which is taught in the Fools academy
3/5 the repertory company
To arrive in 3 to create3
To hold space and time is to capitulate to “give up” to “give in” in 3 to begin to
This “create”when you have been created in
Pejorative Sense your whole world has been laid out that you must learn its customs its
Prejudices. accept the status ,the language ,the
Hospitality ,the costumes .
To study ,to be accepted ,by a class ,a group ,a race, a colour, All created. To creat is to question. To begin be aware of a counter balanced place in-visible.
study different examples, modes of looking at life ,to look. To not just accept the way you have been taught. but to see the intricate makeup of such costumes and customs living in the world
Be big selfish that the world and all that is in it is you in all your manifestations
It’s move be moved and be moving …move then to be inhabit the big selfish world .because it’s you !to move them to open them to new places
To look. to see .observe notice your motives not to change to swop them to flop them flip them so as to insure them but to notice them at work seeing how they influence your thoughts and actions this will be change enough and this naturally changes the perspectives it’s The” I am “becomes more real eyes -Be what you see,and fly with it ,let it show you yourself ….