NOA 1 & 7


 ‘Create or Be Created’: To learn to create is a great gift to give oneself in the performance space. ‘To  Create’ implies power and a sense of self-empowerment, whereas ‘To Be Created’ gives the opposite effect and is at it sounds.

‘The Twin effect is about discovering and uncovering your Twin: the aspect of yourself you might deny, but who is always there beside you.


In order to do ‘circle plays’ – you have to join the next year.



The structure always remains. It begins and begins.
It’s like, first day, starting at a job like, beginning new project, with many unknowns.

You’re being innocent. In a state of eagerness, of wanting to understand and to know when you sit in an audience with only a rough but pleasant understanding of the expectations that lie ahead in the actions you will be prepared to do.
A journey abroad, a marriage, a willingness to take in what will be consequences – the real and the imaginary. But you will
ONE is
An audience includes watching a sport, being at the theatre, at a wedding, a funeral, a ceremony where you can participate as in group reaction can be where the possibility of participating by invitation to act i on
So it can be free of participation physically
But it also asks for you to empathise by you identifying with a subject
A painting with music with another’s situation
To dream about future or past to be held by a story told to identify without physical action except through this identifying with
Emotions move the audience in a learning laughter tears tragedy comedy these levels are wide understandings of feelings of knowing and not knowing.
Want to be safe not to worry or agitate, not to rock the boat, also contrary to that an overwhelming urge wanting to express and to do these very things,
But mounting fear putting your head d above the parapet will you be judged ridiculed ?
Commentated about? you will speculate the outcomes? will you demonstrate to yourself
With the life experience that’s been yours up to NOW that this action,to be sensible or insensitive .will you just go for it anyway . Will you jump even though you are uncertain of it’s out come? stay in the crowd !wait your moment. All these are in ONE and they can identify within my thoughts they can be
immense blocks from our
Immediate experiences
and fears and can overwhelm are equilibrium since they are imbalanced they can to much to exhibit since they are emotional and have been quashed being to much!
Or we can begin to integrate these secret sacred scared and scarred predictions prejudices Fears begin notice an origin …
There is a lot to ONE to which we can return again and again through our lives
Also in this area is 7
It’s easy to believe the same person feels that there is always only ONE
But in ONE ,7 seems a dream a place of unattainable bliss a comfort as seen in others
it’s to demote oneself
Into a not knowing person
A self judgement
A place of envy of jealousy want what you hide from
7 looks relaxed curtain
Helpful compassionate
Understanding light
Humorous open discerning self assured
Humble trustful truthful
Worldly wise Menacing dark mercurial archetypal
As 7 which is different
From seeing 7 from ONE ,
when your seven
You become people and the actions of those around you seeing those
Competitive aspects of
ONE which take up space and time and conflict
Which are so much ONE created world fostered on to those around.

IN SEVEN there is an understanding all interpretations of the world in ONE and SEVEN to begin to own and understanding these deeper aspects of the archetypal qualities set in oneself to set about to enlighten a possibility of noticing
These wreck less and uncontrolled attributes,so rife in ONE .
That in7 are a reflection of how” I am” “is” and to get in there to play and
Notice the familiarity of self in blindness,striking out perhaps needlessly
In ONE So it’s to marry one and encourage the
Journey as one is heavily influenced by archetypal forces which are interacted with unknowingly..all the unseen influences begin to be seen In 7. many encouragements are made to return to make the cycle again.There are ways,what ever ways.
In companionship to
Move into TWO This is to be aware over all “I am”
Is an invisible triumph of spirit over matter one seen and the other unseen
ONE is easier to be with is full of life’s trails and is called the real world without 7,ONE would be an unconscious state
ONE is a returning state
an ignorance The ignorance that see insensitivity
fears in a
microcosm of self in an embryonic of self like an egg of “self”incubating that may just addle if not loved and encouraged into the world by other archetypal influences coming from 7 so the story of love may progress to something human,is already human, but blinkered by small Cupid’s Egotistical self.
7 is an Abel/Eve .One is a Adam/Cain
from the old stories of our inner worlds in the West…. it’s a way of seeing
What is in One
So it can be l’mpossible to see !
“I am” possible, that to be a possibility of truth,
That we either create or be created ….
So starts the journey of the structural cycle of life within this Fools Dance .
and noticed in the structure as “twin to the structure”that is imprinted in our Cycle of life written into our DNA
That which is large selfish for us over our own small selfish which
Rents and tears at the chains of this apparent and real
Conflict.its a possibility of great movement in our worlds .Noticing how our word and world reflect the course invisible towards
Golden truths hidden everywhere…and are their TWINS be found by love in action..
this is an attempt to capture a little of ONE and SEVEN Everything is open the way is always open ..