Foolish Who’s Who

Want to know more about the Fools of The Nomadic Academy?

Jane Scott is  5’10” tall, 36′,28′,36′  and likes animals and working for charity




Danny  Mullins Danny is on the way to enlivenment.  He’s WELL into yoga, so he’s definately more spiritual than you and yet INCREDIBLY humble. “He’s actually a sort of funky Jesus” is what LIARS everywhere have said about him.

Danny is a jammy musician who brings his passion for songwriting to his work as a fool, often making up songs on the spot which range from sensitive to silly from rock to rockabilly from folk to funk, pop and hip-hop.  He likes great jam sessions, weird and wonderful characters, tasty wholefoods, great sex and all the good things in life.

He lives in Edinburgh where he’s currently bringing an Edinburgh Fools Academy leaping into life and developing his fringe show.

He likes to write about himself from a detached “third person” perspective to make it sound like he’s more important than he is.

 Katherine Smith performs foolish plays in foolish ways as the fool she says…

Who am I?  A big O until we meet in the world of our imagination…

You want information?  Well then, on a more practical level I’m a gardener, a recent Mumma, a wife, a performer, a piano player, a publisher and a writer.

With the Academy for Fools, I’m working on a play called the Living Museum of Marjorie – from which we’ll be performing characters and tantalising snippets during this festival for fools.  

…These Old Fools – they are sad and dusty old relics from bygone eras who can move into beauty full of wonder.

Bruce Knight is a performer and also looks after Spilsby Theatre in Lincolnshire. He worked for many years as a lighting technician.

He first began performing as an aerialist, on trapeze dressed as Elvis, when his circus hobby got out of hand!

Since then he has played many characters on earth, directed community theatre projects and trained for several years with Jonathan Kay and also regularly performs as ‘Jim” with the Brighton based company Copperdollar.

Joanne Tremarco paints bold images with oils and your imagination. She is a blundering psychic, a kamikaze perfectionist, a wild woman who is afraid of the dark, an unhealed healer, a lover of clean tea towels, a prolapsed catholic who dreams far too much whilst cycling her bike.  She loves cleaning (but it takes too long), gardening and looking after other people’s children.

She loves performing without a parachute, making audiences laugh and cry.

You can see her in her one-woman show, Women Who Wank, at Festivals around the UK this year. To book ‘Women Who Wank’ contact here

Aside from working with The Nomadic Academy for Fools, she also huffs and puffs her way through Physical Fest each year with her friends from Tmesis Theatre and she works from time to time for Friction Arts.

If Chris Murray were here, what would he do?  How would Christopher Murray deal with this problem? Look! He left his shoes behind, lets walk a mile in them and see…just one of the many conversations I wish people would have after meeting me.



Paul scott is a ex-con, ex squaddie, 96.4% orangutan just like you, professional dog training instructor, painter, chainsaw carver, commentator and quite good with a needle and thread. Born as a wooly-back and lifelong holy devotee to Liverpool FC. He likes photography, travelling, rainforests, sarcasm, sports cars, Doctor Who, 5 Rhythms Ecstatic Dance, music festivals, Scuba diving, power tools, medical marijuana, animals, Pink Floyd, potatoes, tantric sex, Sumatra and builders tea. He is inspired by Kenny Dalglish, Osho, David Attenborough, Maharaji , Obi-wan- kenobi ,  Salvador Dali, Hanuman and Bill Hicks. Some things he would like to see blown to thousands of pieces are Old Trafford, Crufts, Schools, Scotland yard, Animal hunters, Inland Revenue, DVLA, Ascot and festival security guards. See his website here!