Cain & Abel.

A Foolish Parable – As told by Jonathan Kay.

There were two people that  lived with each other one lived purposefully and calculated their money and their time allowing themselves a timetable and there  was an incredible amount to do and their life was full and each person they  knew fitted into their
Regime.The Purpose was to for-fill the aims and objectives of their role, which at the beginning was fresh and interesting but as the regime and responsibilities of running a string  of products  and ever filling diary, it became  that there was mounting pressure for the other person of the story to be brought into help to take a responsibility and to show willing to help in the master plan that the first person was  endeavoring to for-fill; a lot more help and knuckling down was needed if the first was to realise their vision.


Besides the second person had a lot of time on their hands as the first saw it. They were lazy and frittered away their time in self indulgence and self obsession as the other saw it. It would be good for them to get themselves together and do something with their life.

The first person we shall call Cain and the second Abel.

Cain was hardworking and their work was making them ruthless, cutting corners as  business deals were made to  build an empire of right thinking and power with Cain at the top. But still Abel was not really pulling this weight but  enjoying  walking and being with nature looking after lost sheep  on the hillside above Cain’s residence which had lately been featured on grand designs.

Cain felt that they were  doing a great deal of good for mankind: it was Cain that was being creative and thrusting. Giving advice about life. Abel continues to dream as far as Cain is concerned not achieving very much of worth or of of help to humanity.

Cain was always establishing education for the betterment of all Cain’s his ventures were innovative.  All around the world he started Green things and the word sustainability and turbo, iPhone,Facebook  and Amazon were all fantastic for Cain’s the world over  to communicate their ceaseless  interrelation ships.

But as this built  Cain s main task was whitewashing Abel and continuing the new imperial rules that looked like Gods law but gradually looked like business  powers and so Cain  played his own hide and seek with the truth until he could justify any new adventure by twisting and flipping truth till it seemed rational and logical to anyone with common sense  and ambition.

When ever God came down to visit. Cain was always saying, “Look God I create like you, I am in your image. What do you feel about my power stations, my ships and my motor ways God?”


God is non committal and doesn’t answer.

But God asks “where is Abel?”

“Oh him, that waster! He just hangs about on the hillside looking after lost sheep.”

“Thanks,” says God.

Cain can’t understand but in his ears he hears God and Abel laughing and it feels to Cain that they are laughing at his expense- they appear to be having a great time.

Every time God comes down it’s the same a noncommittal  shrug and then asking where Abel is and always laughter Into the night. Cain is becoming tired and restless and can’t sleep at night  but with a workload that is ever increasing.

Cain begins to be jealous  of God’s affection for Abel. So in jealousy he begins to plot the down fall of Abel.

Abel is expendable, vermin, useless, a waster! But why has God marked out Abel with friend ship? Why is it that he Cain is not invited! He wants to see why he has never been the one to have these get togethers that God …why ?

Cain decides to bring Abel to a meal. He decides to poison him and bury him in the flower bed out in the  garden. Then God will have to praise him since Abel will be gone on a holiday and God will have to see Cain’s work and appreciate him.

All this takes place including the burying outside the window.

Come the time when God came  down and arrives at Cain’s door.

“Hi God come in.”

God comes in and says “Have you seen Abel anywhere?”

Cain says, “Me no, I haven’t seen him for months. I think he is away on holiday.

God says,” Cain have you seen him lately? Because you see Cain I am omnipotent  all seeing God. Nothing gets past me, I can see everything going on. So what’s that bump outside your window? Why are the flowers abnormally  high as if there is something buried there? Have you any ideas?”

Cain says, “No, I have just been rearranging flowers. I got them at local super market.”

God says, “Cain have you poisoned and buried Abel in that flower bed?”

“No why should I do this!”

God says, “I can’t hear the truth from you. And you have not listened  to Abel.You dismissed him treated him with distance  with disdain. Your love for yourself has far outweighed your love for Abel. And the Abel gifts that you came with to the earth. Your blindness has created a rift between you and Abel, for your exclusion and your ignorance  has excluded you from the natural and intricate connections that shape the world. By dismissing Abel,  you disowned the earth with its  natural connections. You interpreted and twisted the truth and understanding  to fit your plans and have turned this whole earth to your place. You have disturbed the very atoms of the world. Your life is short sighted like a snake on it’s  belly  crawling though the worlds of your own making. Why when you have done this do you want praise from me? You have twisted and flipped all truth on its head and you look to me for praise! You ignored Abel and killed Love’s true abilities.”


“It  remains that Abel and his foolish ways., as judged by you, are dead and buried, I can only desire a resurrection that love will reunite and ignite  the true  abilities of your brothers and sisters and together you may learn to love the world you inhabit and let your personal worlds fall away into a shared world where fear of each other has been the conflict. In The world  there is the special  place of your reconciliation. Lift the
Superimposed worlds of Cain and discover The world in which you can live harmoniously.
When feeling  that you are divine  Cain, and above that which you would connect with in The world,  It will be your ignorance that stops you opening to the true  search where your heart can  discover love in action. This blindness is in your own eyes Cain, use your real eyes. You are fearful and defensive, protecting your world of your head from the world where the awakening  begin … Connect to each in love. What must be done so that the rivers flow clean, the snow to fall to cover the mountains, the sea to be refreshed and balanced. It has been your nativity to wake and begin to see the journey that is needed to
wake Abel from his sleep and turn to connect with all: every bird, every insect, every animal, to the trees, all life has had your twist upon.”
And God said, “Live foolishly and you will live  next to me. Everything  is one in me and you will see heaven on the earth. Now.”

Cain said, “I do not believe in you, it is up to me whether I create a God in my world. This is my world and I do as I wish, including you God in it ,whether I wish to have you as God  I pray to or not ..”

“Remember those words I have said  Cain so that thy days may be long in this world. The trial for you Cain is just beginning. Remember Abel and connect with him in love and understanding for he is your twin and resided in your heart. Open your heart and let Abel live.”

sacred twins

“To forgive is to trust in something more than yourself. To live well is to live as a Fool moves towards the center of the circle that has no circumference and begin to seethe unknown is known and the known is unknown again…”

My Five Days Alone with Jonathan Kay

Nick had done a few workshops with Jonathan but wanted to spend some  intensive time focusing on specific issues around his he describes something of his experience…

I have no idea what I am going to write now but I’m going to step off the edge and start writing… that’s a bit of what its like in a Jonathan Kay workshop, going in, over the edge of what you know and seeing what happens…


I think that I am one of the few people on the planet who has had the privilege and honour of doing a Jonathan Kay workshop as the only participant. I had previously done a weekend workshop and two five-day workshops with Jonathan, where there had been between 4 and 12 participants. This time I’d decided to dive-in alone..

The 5 days was intense and gruelling. I learnt so much about my inner world, being influenced by archetypal forces and how to use Jonathan’s structure. For the first half of the week I was pretty stuck. Jonathan was delightful and patient with me, funny, insightful, perceptive, sensitive and pushing and poking me in just the right places to encourage me to let go and play more to express my inner world while being sensitive to influences from the archetypal world.


Working 1-1 with Jonathan enabled him to give his full attention to just my process and what was needed there, whereas in a workshop with others its more of a melting pot. It means that the learning is tailored, faster, more intense and there is nowhere to hide! It ranged from intensely personal to being totally relevant to my professional work and development, and was more valuable than any kind of pre-packaged course I have been on as it was so tailored to what I needed. If you want to make some rapid accelerations in your personal life, relationships and career or professional life, then I would recommend working 1-1 with Jonathan as the most effective way to do any of these things that I have found in the 25 years that I’ve been attending various workshops. There is simply no comparison.

I learnt so much in that week that it’s hard to put it into words in such a short piece here. I would thoroughly recommend doing workshops with Jonathan, and the value I received from the 5-days was so much more than the money I paid for it. Jonathan claims, with a twinkle in his eyes, that I will double the money I earn from working with him. I have a hunch that he may be right and if this happens, I’ll be sending a cheque his way! I am eternally grateful for Jonathan’s work and what we did together during that week…

Thank You to Nick Osborne for sharing his experience.