The NOA is a an environment promoting the growth for 21st century FOOLS!

The FOOL is a master of all beginnings. The FOOL is utterly open. The realm of the FOOL is the HERE and the NOW. The mastership of the FOOL is in TELLING TRUTH. But not any truth – THE secret and sacred TRUTH which no one can tell.

No one.

Except you!

You can join the NOA for a weekend, a week, a year or even longer. This is a performance training in life and all that encompasses it. Not only for performers, for this is more than a training. It´s a magnetic pull to joy. Its about whether you will Create or be Created. Join in?


The NOA is open to anyone who is ready to realize that walls, rooms, bridges and boundaries will lead us only to ourselves. Its structure is sturdy and life-giving.

The NOA has a magnetic pull to joy.  It can be established on a whim of the heart. It supports new beginnings that can sometimes make us tremble at their great prospects. Lives are a dance with all those around us.

The NOA is an invisible college, whose pupils (the Beginners) are in our own eyes. It’s a place where we begin to look, see, be, fly and know our own secret, sacred, scared and scarred selves. Giving it into the heart of which we realise all of the World belongs.

The NOA will establish itself where there are those who want to join, begin to create and know their Fool.